How we help

1) Sponsorships – please support us

We provide a variety of different sponsorships. The children’s villages are especially important to us. Become a donor and you also can support a child or family!

2) Current projects – join us to support!

Wir betreuen ausgewählte und geprüfte Hilfsprojekte, wobei die Kinderdörfer unser großes Herzensprojekt sind.
Sie können uns helfen, unsere Pläne zu verwirklichen und damit Menschen Hoffnung geben.

Children’s villages - a genuine project of the heart

The first visit to India took us to an orphanage. Everyone visiting this place was devastated. There were 200 children crowded in this small orphanage. Even though there were very dedicated helpers caring for the large amount of children, there were no sanitary facilities. This visit laid the foundation to our idea of building children’s villages. In comparison to orphanages, children’s villages offer a family like environment, which enables love and affection for the children.

The Idea
The aim of the project is to offer homes to orphans in a family like setting. The idea is that 88 orphans are cared for by 11 “village mothers” and live a happy life there. The “mothers” living and working here are widows who have also experienced difficult times. Therefore, this project helps orphans and these women.

By connecting current buildings, high costs are avoided and the widows and orphans are able to live in their familiar surroundings.

The realisation
With the help of our Indian partners, we have been successful in receiving land along the coast by the villages Mela Manakudy, Chinnathurai and Kurusady Nagercoil. The pieces of land were kindly donated. The laying of the first stone took place in January/February 2007 and the organisation has since been in charge of taking care of the building fees.

We could not have achieved this without the help of our donors. With each giving 5000 Euro, the construction of the houses was made possible. As a little thank you, the donors were asked to choose names for their houses. Further donations were used to build roads and playgrounds.

The completed villages
In 2008, once again members of our organisation flew to India. This journey was a special experience. The villages were completed and there were emotional celebrations. We were convinced by the solid building work and we were also able to meet the “mothers” and “their” children. The “mothers” in the children’s villages were chosen carefully by our Indian partners in advance. They also received training for their new roles.

An outlook – how will it continue?
In order to make the induction easier, there are currently 4-5 children living in a house with a “mother”. Throughout the next months, the number of children will increase to 8 per house.

We are in desperate need of support for the running costs of the children’s villages. Please support us in maintaining the homes, to give orphans a future in their community.

We are grateful for every donation.

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Help the orphanage in Kurusady/Nagercoil

When members of the charity visited the orphanage in Kurusady for the first time, 200 children lived there without any sanitary facilities in a crowded home. It was evident that many things had to be improved. Therefore, the construction of toilet facilities and the purchase of generators to create electricity within the orphanage were supported.

In 2010, a steam boiler was bought in order to offer a quicker and healthier diet to the orphans.

In addition, beds and clothing for the orphans were also funded by the charity organisation.

Due to strict government regulations, these items are currently in urgent need:

  • Separate female toilets must be built
  • Bedrooms must be refurbished (Boys and girls to be kept separate)
  • - Renovation of the kitchen
  • Renovation of the office. A computer must be purchases as all registrations of the orphanage must be shared online with the government.

At present, we require 8800 Euro for these costs.

Wasienhaus 1
Wasienhaus 2
Wasienhaus 3
Wasienhaus 4

Building houses

Many Indian people do not have the opportunity to live in a proper house. Often their only accommodation is a hut made of coconut palm leaves.

With a donation of 4500 Euro, you are able to finance the building of a brick/stone house for a family. A house costs about 4500 Euro. However, the homeowners are required to pay the other 1500 Euro themselves.

This mother currently lives with her children at her neighbours’ in a brick house, as one cannot live any longer in her damaged banana leaf hut. For 4000 Euro we could finance the building of a house for this family. Every cent matters! Family Alphonse lives with their four daughters in a banana leaf hut without windows, with an open fire place and a leaking roof. With the help of donations a house could be built for this family.

The house Virgin Punitah in Mulloorthurai will be completed soon.

Haus 1
Haus 2
Haus 3
Haus 4
Haus 5
Haus 6

Support for widows

In India, widows live on the edge of society. They are casted out from families and must support themselves.

We help widows in making a living for themselves. It may be enough to help finance a cooking pan allowing the widow to cook meals which can be sold or to provide for her children.

Witwen 1
Witwen Rand1
Witwen Rand2

Support for pupils

Education is especially important for the future of children in India. However, in order to attend school, pupils require school uniform and books.

Alone in the year of 2008 180 children received school uniforms.

With a donation of 30 Euro, you could provide a school uniform and school books for a child for one academic year.

With the help of Hoffnung für Menschen donations, the school building in Enayam was extended and the expansion of the school building in Chinnathurai was financed. Furthermore, a school was built in 2010 in Mullathuray and the school in Arokiapuram was completed in 2012.

Schul 1
Schul 2
Schul 3

Setting up business

By donating 400 Euro you can support setting up a business. After one year, 100 Euro are expected to be repaid by the adult supported. With this money, new projects can be provided with financial help.



As the Indian saying goes:

“If I dream alone, it is only a dream. If we dream together, it is the beginning of reality.”

Therefore, we grabbed the dream. As in India a meal and a new outfit are tradition on Christmas, we initiated the project “Traditions at Christmas”. Our aim was that every child and family of the charity has enough to eat and receives new clothing.

With a Christmas donation between 15 and 20 Euro, one can bring happiness to a child or to a whole family for 20 to 25 Euro.

Weihn 1
Weihn R1
Weihn R2
Weihn R3
Weihn R4
Weihn Rand

Rice and grinding mills

The project “Rice and grinding mills” was developed during our visit to India in February 2010. Even in India, the purchase of mills is not cheap, which is why many people are required to have their rice or grain grinded elsewhere. By buying a mill for a widow or a family, they are able to set up a little home run business. Part of the original costs of the grinders must be repaid back by these people. With this system, more purchases can be made. The cost of a rice mill is between 100 and 150 Euros.

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3) Completed projects you helped us with

Help for tsunami victims

The disastrous tsunami also effected families in the area of Kanniyakumari. To support people in their needs, 2000 families were given clothing, sanitary products and cutlery.

Tsunam 1

100 fishing boats

Many fishermen lost their boats through the tsunami and therefore had no source of income. With the help of donors the organisation Hoffnung für Menschen e.V. managed to buy 100 fisher boats and nets. The boats were handed to the fishermen in the summer of 2005. Now, they are able to provide for their families.

Fischer 1

Seamstresses school in Mullothurai

Especially for women a vocational training is essential. Only that way they are able to earn money for their families. This project was a huge success! The school is now self-efficient with the production of clothes, nightdresses and school uniforms.

In favour of allowing more women to complete this training, a school for seamstresses was established in Mullothurai in 2006. In order to ensure all seamstresses are qualified, an instructor was employed, who is paid for by the charity.

The apprenticeship lasts two years and in every year group 18 girls have the opportunity to learn the trade of a seamstress.

In 2008 the first group of apprentices completed their training. It was now time for the second year group to start the course.

In 2010 the seamstress school was expanded in Mulloorthurai. On the ground floor one can find the school and on the first floor the production of clothing and school uniforms take place.

Naeherin 1
Naeherin 2
Naeherin 3
Naeherin 4
Naeherin 5

Supplying clean drinking water

Drinking water is in huge shortage in developing countries, yet an essential requirement. People in poor countries have less access to clean drinking water. In order to help the situation of the pupils at St. Jospeh`s College, a water tank providing clean water was supplied.

Brunnen 1

School building in Mulloorthurai

School building in Mulloorthurai
In 2011, the new school building was opened in the home town of pastor Antony Soosai.

Extension of the school building in Chinnathurai

Extension of the school building in Chinnathurai
In 2010, the school building in Chinnathurai was expanded by one floor. The head of school asked us for help as the classrooms were too small and the situation for teachers and pupils was unreasonable. Furthermore, the building was unsound and in danger of collapsing. A renovation was in desperate need, otherwise the school would have been closed by the council. Since the children from our children’s villages visit this school, it was self-evident that we had to help.

Multi-purpose hall in Kurusady

Multi-purpose hall in Kurusady
The children’s village Kurusady is built on small grounds. Therefore, it is even more so important for the children to have more space to play, dance and learn in. In 2013, we celebrated the dedication of the new hall and the children were delighted.

New school building in Arrokiapuram

New school building in Arrokiapuram
The building of the new school in Arrokiapuram was completed in 2013. The old school building was run-down and far too small. Therefore, the government threatened to close the school. The number of pupils visiting this school grew rapidly because many families from tsunami areas were resettled to this town.

Opening of the school kitchen in Chinnathurai

Opening of the school kitchen in Chinnathurai
In 2014, we were able to open the new kitchen at Chinnathurai school. The government threatened to close the school if no new kitchen was built. Thanks to the donations, the building was erected and the requirements of the government were fulfilled. Our children from the children’s village nearby visit this school.

Multi-purpose hall in Manakudy

Multi-purpose hall in Manakudy
This hall is necessary as the children can spend time there, play together or learn in this area. In addition, it is also used as protection during the monsoon season and of heavy rain. It also provides shade when it is very hot. It was completed in 2016 and we had an opening celebration with our children.

Extension of the school in Mulloorthurai

Extension of the school in Mulloorthurai
In 2017, a hall was added to the first floor in order to use this space as an extra classroom or as an assembly hall.