10 questions - 10 answers

How much of my donation actually gets to the people in need?

100% of all donations arrive in India, as all helpers in Germany and India work on a voluntary basis. Costs required for printing flyers/calendars or postage are paid by membership fees. (Find out more at Home/who we are)

Can I meet the child I sponsor?

We travel to India every year, so you have the opportunity to meet your sponsored child then. (Please see “where we help”) You also receive a fact sheet with information on the child.

I would like to join a trip to India, is that possible?

Yes, that is possible. Just register on …… However, we only have limited spaces, for roughly 30 people. It therefore may be the case that you will have to wait until the following year.

When does the sponsorship end?

A children’s village and child sponsorship ends, when the child has completed its education or when you revoke your sponsorship. Family sponsorships are reassessed after 5 years, to see if the family still requires help. If this should be the case, this sponsorship can be renewed. (More information at “Where we help”)

Is the money for the sponsorship enough if the child would like to attend further education?

No, the money for the child sponsorship only covers the basic requirements. Should the child want to attend a college, you will be informed about this. Some donors take over these further education costs. If this is not possible, the child will be supported through further education sponsorship.

Can I contact the child I sponsor?

We would advise you not to send letters, as post from abroad is often opened with the expectation of finding money. However, we are happy to take a letter and photos to India with us. You will also receive a letter and photo at Christmas from the child you sponsor.

I would like to donate a cow – who receives this cow?

People in need are selected very carefully. Usually these are single mothers with children, elderly or sick people, who cannot do much physical work anymore. (Find out more at “how we help” setting up businesses) Currently the price of a cow is around 400 Euro.

Setting up business – what does this mean?

With a start-up help of 400 Euro it is possible to set up a little business. Small shops were opened such as vegetable stores or clothing shops. (More information at “setting up business”)

How can I meet you in person to receive more information?

You can find out about upcoming events and dates on our website. You can also set up an information evening that we would gladly come to talk at. Of course you can also contact us via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I would like to become a member or a donor, where can I sign up?

Just click on this is how we help.