Meet the team

Hoffnung für Menschen e.V. was established in 2004 in Weiden. We are a non-profit organisation, whose staff members work only on a voluntary basis. It is our aim to help people help themselves. Furthermore, people who have found themselves in need with no fault of their own are also supported.

The founding of the organisation was brought to life with the initiative of the catholic priest Anthony Soosai. He himself was born in the area of Kanniyakumari and grew up in a fisher’s family. Anthony also lost his father at a young age and realised early on what it was like to grow up as a son of a widow.

Obviously the work in India cannot only be organised from Weiden. We have a team of six priests, these are Edmond, Jerry, Selvan, Felix, Edwin and Amuthan. We are thankful that the Bishop of Nagercoil allows this team to work closely with us.

Our partners in India

Pfarrer Antony Soosai
Father Antony Soosai
Pfarrer Julius Johnrose 1
Fr.Julius Johnrose
Partner in Germany Coordinator to India
Felix 1
Father Felix
Co-ordinator In-charge of All Children’s Villages
Edwin 1
Father Edwin
Co- coordinator Financial Administrator Children Sponsorship Micro Credit Programme
Edmond 1
Father Edmond
In-charge of Higher Studies Manakudy Home
IMG 0084 1
Father Jerry Vincent
Slum Project Kurusady Home
Amuthan 1
Father Amutha Valan
Secretary Cow Project Self-Employment Programme
Fr. Bright2 2
Pfarrer Bright
Family Sponsorship, Chinnathurai-Home
Bishop Dr. Nazarene Soosai
Dr. Nazarene Soosai
Bishop of Kottar

Board members of the charity in Germany

Bischof Remigus
Thomas Ebnet
Edmond 1
Theresia Rewitzer
Deputy Chairman
IMG 0084 1
Angelika Taube
Deputy Chairman
Children-Village-Sponsorship, Webmaster
Selvan 2
Gerald Polster
Edwin 1
Richard Bäumler
Finance Manager
Felix 1
Barbara Loughran-Dietz
Disabled Sponsorships
Amuthan 1
Horst Heider
Projectmanagement Presentations
Christine Kabitschke
Christine Götzl
Hans Vlkl
Hans Völkl
Bayerl 1
Dr. Georg Bayerl

Since both organisations Hoffnung für Menschen e. V. In Germany and the catholic church in India work without payment, our charity can guarantee that 100% of the donations are received by the poor and people in need.