Travelling to India

Since the founding of our charity in 2004, we have travelled to India almost every year. During these visits we meet many people and talk about projects there. Often affected people approach us and ask for help.

With the help of our partners in India, we plan new projects every year in order to help people in the fishing villages. During every one of our visits we were able to confirm our support and put support into place in the following year. Since a few years, donors (Please see sponsorships) or people who are members of the charity have been joining us on our travels to India. To them and the sponsored children, this is an emotional moment. During these trips they receive insight into the culture and the way of life of people living in the coastal regions. Of course, none of the charity money is used for these journeys. Every participant is responsible for financing their own trip.

Would you like to take part in travelling to India with us? Please just get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you!